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Phasmida Species File Online

Diapherodes gigantea
Diapherodes gigantea

Pterinoxylus crassus
Pterinoxylus crassus
Paul D. Brock, Author & Editor,
  The Natural History Museum, London
David C. Eades, Database Developer,
  Illinois Natural History Survey
Daniel Otte, Major Contributor,
  Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Ed Baker, Assistant Editor,
  University of York,
The Natural History Museum, London
Thies Büscher, Assistant Editor,
  Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany
With the cooperation of
      The Orthopterists' Society  
Phyllium giganteum
Phyllium giganteum
Agathemera maculafulgens
Agathemera maculafulgens
Dryococelus australis
Dryococelus australis


  • Latest main published paper added: Chiquetto-Machado; Morales & Cancello. 2022. Taxonomic revision of Paraphasma Redtenbacher, 1906 (Phasmatodea, Pseudophasmatidae) based on phallic and external morphology. Zootaxa. 5122(1): 1-80. Seow-Choen's lavishly illustrated Peninsular Malaysian book (2021) now included in PSF (Feb, 2022)

The Phasmida Species File (PSF) is a taxonomic database of the world's Phasmida (stick and leaf insects, known as walking sticks and walking leaves in the U.S.), excluding fossil species. There is full synonymic and taxonomic information for 3,464 valid species [+185 subspecies], more than 40,200 citations to 3,460 references, more than 8,100 specimen records and 19,400 images of 81% of valid species, with more being added to on a regular basis. Another future aim of this database is to provide high quality images of living phasmids in the wild. Images of captive-reared species can be found elsewhere, notably on

Colleagues have kindly collaborated by providing photos of type material [with particular thanks to Oskar Conle, Frank Hennemann, Royce Cumming and Francis Seow-Choen].

To see information contained in the database, use the links across the top of the page.  Click on Search to find a specific taxon or other kinds of information.  Clicking on Taxa will make the order Phasmida your current taxon unless you have previously moved to a different taxon in this session.

This website and database use Species File Software.  Information about the design and use of SFS may be found on a separate website.

Other Places to Start

Please send comments and questions about the database and its development to Paul Brock (send mail).  When referencing this website, please use the following format:  Brock, P.D., Büscher, T. & Baker, E. Phasmida Species File Online. Version 5.0/5.0. [retrieval date]. <>.  Use to bookmark the PSF website.

List of Experts

Leading specialists and others with a serious interest in the fauna have taken responsibility to review information in their areas of expertise — taxonomic and/or geographic.  An explanation of participation in the development of the PSF is also available.  The following lists geographic locations associated with the name of the phasmid taxonomist.

If a region or country is not given, please contact Paul D. Brock

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