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Data for specimen record

Current: species Orestes draegeri Bresseel & Constant, 2018
Historical: Orestes draegeri; paratype of species Orestes draegeri Bresseel & Constant, 2018; cited by Bresseel & Constant. 2018. The Oriental stick insect genus Orestes Redtenbacher, 1906: Taxonomical notes and six new species from Vietnam (Phasmida: Heteropterygidae: Dataminae). Belgian Journal of Entomology. 58:1–62
Basis of record: not specified
Counts: Males 1, Females 6
Depository: RBINS, Brussels Inst.
Data source: not recorded
Other: no data
Indo-China, Vietnam: Dong Nai Biosphere Res., 11°18’N 107°06’E; Modern (is included in map)
Collecting event
May 25, 2012 to June 06, 2012; J. Constant & J. Bresseel
female (paratype). A, habitus, dorsal view. B, habitus, ventral view. C, head and thorax, dorsal view. D, terminalia, dorsal view. E, Terminalia anterodorsal view. F, terminalia, lateral view. G, habitus lateral view. H, terminalia, ventral view. I, head and thorax, lateral view, copyright RBINS, Brussels
Ecological relationships      

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